July 10, 2014

Making of video - Lost in The Garden

Luiza Lehtinen Photography
Makeup & hair: Natalja Mountian
Assistant & video : Alexandr Yovenko
Model : Tiina / Brand Model Management

Special thanks to Alexandr Yovenko for this video!

I have wonderful news that one of my last editorials will be release in Figment Magazine next Issu very soon. Can not wait for a publishing whole series for you, guys! But i can share with you our "making of" video, like we spend that day in two must beautiful gardens in Helsinki and i took really amazing shots. Some of them you've already seen in my blog, but soon coming much more ) Do not miss it!
I have to say that i'm leaving Finland for a month. I will make travel to my home in Samara, Russia and i will shoot must beatiful ladies in whole Russia ;)

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July 4, 2014

Deep... deep... In the Flowers...

Photography: Luiza Lehtinen
Makeup & hair: Makeup Artist Natalja Mountian
Assistant : Alexandr Yovenko
Model : Tiina Haikola / Brand Model Management


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June 8, 2014


Photographer: Luiza Lehtinen
Makeup & hair: Makeup Artist Natalja Mountian
Model: Elizabeth Heidi Annina / Fondi Models
I'm so glad to tell you, that we have one more editorial in print. You can check it from here:

We created that story just for fun, all looks was created just in a few minutes) It was really warm and sunny day, early spring just has come to Finland. So we decided to make shooting out door, en plener. And now i'm so happy to share it with you!

May 26, 2014

For sale: Canon 7D runko

Myynissä siis Canon 7D runko, vuonna 2012 ostettu Verkkokaupasta. Mukana kaikki alkuperäiset ohjeet ja pakkaukset. Kuvattu noin 60 000 kuvaa.
Kunto on erinomainen.
Hinta - 850€ tai paras tarjous

Laita viesti: luiza.lehtinen@hotmai.fi


Boho in Soho

 Photographer: Luiza Lehtinen
Make-up & Hair: Natalja Mountian
Design & Style: Aliniya Shamshina/ "ShaD"
Assistant: Arto Markkanen
Model: Maija Yalovaya

Here is some fashion shoot i made for a very talented designer and stylist Alinjya Shamshina from St. Peterburg, Russia. We had all day shooting and weather has changed very fast, as always in Finland. But it went pretty well and we has done four looks.

So, enjoy of watching :) And please, take a couple minutes to write some comments, it is important for me!

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